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Email: | Phone: (902) 476-0244


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Proven Business to Business Networking

Business Breakfast Club Atlantic is a community based business to business networking organization that meets on a weekly basis. BBC Atlantic provides our members the opportunity to get to know one another well enough that each feels confident in referring each other’s products and services. Business Breakfast Club Atlantic believes that regardless of the profession, successful business relies on word-of-mouth referrals, and with the supportive environment that the BBC Atlantic offers, members develop serious business relationships where networking contacts become referred business.

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Trust Based Referrals

Develop a dedicated network of professionals who know, like and trust you, making it easy to give you referrals.

Lock In Your Category

Your place at the table is unique. No competitor join your club in the same business category for the lifetime of your membership.

Serious Business Networking

Belonging to the Business Breakfast Club is like having a dedicated sale team you meet with each week.